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本文摘要:Traffic jams in China are so frequent and tedious that drivers and passengers alike have devised creative ways to alleviate the boredom.中国的交通堵塞再次发生得如此频密和长久,以至于司机和乘客都想到了富裕创新的方法来沉醉于无趣时间。

Traffic jams in China are so frequent and tedious that drivers and passengers alike have devised creative ways to alleviate the boredom.中国的交通堵塞再次发生得如此频密和长久,以至于司机和乘客都想到了富裕创新的方法来沉醉于无趣时间。Thats one reason why Terrafugia Chief Executive Carl Dietrich thinks he can find both customers and investors there. Mr. Dietrich and his colleagues make flying cars, which he believes can ease some of Chinas woes.这正是Terrafugia首席执行长迪特里希(Carl Dietrich)指出他在中国既能寻找消费者又去找能到投资者的原因之一。

迪特里希和他的同事生产不会飞来的汽车,他坚信该产品可以在一定程度上减轻中国的交通堵塞问题。China is experiencing a lot of the pains of becoming an industrialized nation, he said, citing traffic congestion and air pollution as examples. There is a clear need for flying cars in China. Mr. Dietrich says he has made two visits to China in the past four months to sound out possible investors.他说道,中国于是以经历着沦为一个工业化国家的诸多伤痛,比如交通拥堵和空气污染等。

他回应,中国“似乎必须”不会飞来的车。迪特里希称之为,他在过去四个月来两次造访中国,找寻有可能的投资者。Terrafugia needs some wind beneath its improbable wings. The company is aiming for a 2015 release in the U.S. for its first model, the Transition.Terrafugia必须利用一些东风才能展翅飞翔。该公司力争于2015年在美国公布其首款车型。

Then theres its twin-rotor TF-X model, which still in development. The four-seat, plug-in hybrid electric flying car will have vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, according to the companys website. It will be a real draw in China, said Mr. Dietrich.Transition,之后还将发售双旋翼车型TF-X,后者还在研发中。根据该公司网站的讲解,这款四座、挂电混合动力飞车将享有横向民航机能力。迪特里希说道,该车型在中国将大受欢迎。Terrafugias concepts have their skeptics, of course. But even if it surmounts those considerable obstacles, the company will still face unique challenges in China.当然,Terrafugia的理念也遭了一些批评。

但是即便其解决了这些大障碍,该公司在中国仍将面对独有的挑战。While reaction from Chinese to his flying machines has been positive, he said, there was pessimism among the people he met with about how the Chinese government would react to such new technologies.迪特里希称之为,虽然中国人对于其飞行中汽车的反应是正面的,但是他会见的一些人对于中国政府对待这类新的科技的态度还是所持乐观的观点。

A key stumbling block is private access to aviation space in China, over which authorities here hold a tight grip.一个关键的障碍是中国对私人放松飞行中空域的程度,有关部门目前回应掌控得十分凸。Mr. Dietrich said the growth prospects for flying cars in China will depend on how quickly Beijing opens up air traffic to private users. It will happen, but the question in how quickly.迪特里希回应,“飞车”在中国的快速增长前景将各不相同政府向私人用户对外开放空域的速度有多慢。

他说道,不会对外开放的,问题是能有多慢。While China Real Time is intrigued by the idea of jumping over gridlock, we also wonder at the wisdom of flying cars in a place where the ones on the road already present a host of problems. Mr. Dietrich said TF-X models will be computer controlled so the driver wouldnt be able to operate the vehicle in a dangerous manner.虽然中国实时报栏目被盘旋交通堵塞区的点子吸引住了,但是本栏目也想要告诉,在一个道路交通参与者早已生产了大量问题的地方,引进不会飞来的汽车是个好主意么?迪特里希称之为,TF-X车型将由电脑掌控,所以司机无法以危险性的方式驾驶员汽车。