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本文摘要:Are you intensely disappointed by the resolution of your laptop screen? Didnt think so. Yet, Apple thinks it could be better. This has long been a theme for the famed technology company: Find a product that people dont think is all that flawed (early MP3 players) and replace it with a product so captivating (iPod) that they forget whatever came before it. 你是不是对自己笔记本电脑屏幕的分辨率十分反感?

Are you intensely disappointed by the resolution of your laptop screen? Didnt think so. Yet, Apple thinks it could be better. This has long been a theme for the famed technology company: Find a product that people dont think is all that flawed (early MP3 players) and replace it with a product so captivating (iPod) that they forget whatever came before it. 你是不是对自己笔记本电脑屏幕的分辨率十分反感?没有这么想要过?然而苹果公司(Apple)指出笔记本电脑屏幕几乎可以做到得更加出众。这就是这家知名的科技企业长期以来仍然都在宿老的主题:寻找一个大家并不实在有多大缺失的产品(早期的MP3播放器),用一款魅力无穷的产品(iPod)取而代之,让人将之前的东西岂得一干二净。The company continued its pattern last week with a new addition to the MacBook family: the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. This isnt a laptop for average, mainstream consumers, but for pros and enthusiasts. (The MacBook Air, once an exotic niche, has taken over the mainstream role.) 本月中旬,这家公司沿袭了它的一贯作风,MacBook家族又再配新品:视网膜显示屏MacBook Pro。这款笔记本不是面向普通的主流消费者发售的产品,而是以专业人士和发烧友为消费群体。

(MacBook Air曾多次也是差异性定位产品,现在早已沦为了主流机型。) Ive been using this laptop over the past week, and my retinas are properly impressed, if thats scientifically possible. Apple describes its Retina Display as such a high pixel density that a users eyes cant see individual pixels on it. On this screen, colors pop, text seems crisper and image details - like light catching on water droplets - seem more pronounced. Its screen makes others look muted, including my regular MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air and two Windows PCs that I set up near it. On the downside, its battery life came up short in my tests, and its 15.4-inch-diagonal screen size is too big for some peoples taste. 在过去的一周里,我仍然在用于这款笔记本电脑,可以说道我的视网膜对其印象较好。苹果公司叙述视网膜显示屏时称,它的像素密度之低,用户的肉眼看不到屏幕上的分开像素点。

这块显示屏色彩明晰、文字明晰、图像细节──比如照射水滴上的光──或许更加显著引人注目。这款笔记本的屏幕让其它电脑黯然失色,还包括我那台普通的MacBook Pro、一台MacBook Air和两台我放到旁边的Windows系统的PC机。严重不足的是,在我的测试中,这款笔记本的电池续航时间很短,而且它15.4口的尺寸对有些人来说过于大了一点。

The MacBook Pro with Retina Display is the first MacBook Pro to rely solely on flash storage and has an improved processor and graphics. This new build makes it thinner and over a pound lighter than a 15-inch MacBook Pro with a hard drive. It is only 0.03-inch thicker than the thickest edge of the slender MacBook Air. And its speakers sounded remarkably good as I blasted Latin and classical tunes throughout my living room. 视网膜显示屏MacBook Pro是第一款几乎倚赖存储器存储的MacBook Pro笔记本电脑,处理器和显示卡都经过改良。这种新的结构使其更加厚,重量比带硬盘的15口MacBook Pro笔记本还要重一磅多,厚度上只比纤薄的MacBook Air最厚处多0.03口。我在客厅里翻音量播出拉丁或古典乐曲时,它的扬声器听得一起音质十分好。

Beauty and power like this come at a price. The MacBook Pro with Retina Display costs $2,200 for 256 gigabytes of flash or $2,800 for 512 gigabytes of flash, making it one of the most expensive MacBooks. 像这样一台集实力与美感于一身的机器价格也是高昂的。存储器容量为256G的视网膜显示屏MacBook Pro售价2,200美元,512G存储器容量的售价2,800美元,沦为价格最便宜的苹果笔记本电脑。Meanwhile, prices have dropped for three of the four MacBook Air models, which, since their 2008 debut, have been thought of as the gold standard in ultra-thin laptop design. The least expensive, 11-inch MacBook Air remains at $1,000, while the other 11-inch and two 13-inch MacBook Airs have come down by $100 each. All MacBook Airs were updated with improved processors, graphics, faster flash storage and larger amounts of memory. 与此同时,四款MacBook Air机型中的三款早已降价。自2008年面世以来,MacBook Air就被视作超薄笔记本电脑设计领域的标杆。

价位低于的一款11口MacBook Air售价保持在1,000美元,而另一款11口和两款13口的MacBook Air价格都上调了100美元。所有的MacBook Air电脑都展开了升级,处理器和显示卡获得改良,存储器速度更加慢,存储容量更大。Regular MacBook Pros without new screens were upgraded with features like new processors and faster graphics, and they start at $1,200 for a 13-inch or $1,800 for a 15-inch. 并未用于新的屏幕的普通MacBook Pro笔记本也获得了升级,换回了新的处理器和速度更慢的显示卡,13口的机型起售价为1,200美元,15口的则为1,800美元。

The MacBook Pro with Retina Display is the first MacBook Pro without a disc drive slot, though MacBook Airs never had one. The ports that remain include two USB ports (compatible with both USB 2 and the faster flavor, USB 3); an HDMI port for directly connecting this laptop to a TV; two Thunderbolt ports, which provide fast connections to external screens or data devices, and an SDXC memory card slot. 视网膜显示屏MacBook Pro是第一台没光盘驱动器插槽的MacBook Pro笔记本电脑(MacBook Air则是仍然就没),保有的端口还包括两个USB模块(相容USB 2和速度更慢的USB 3);一个可以必要和电视机相连的HDMI模块;两个需要较慢相连外接屏幕或数据设备的Thunderbolt模块以及一个SDXC存储卡插槽。I dont normally run half of the programs that a power user might, but this MacBook zoomed along as I used it for tasks like downloading music, importing dozens of high-resolution photos, opening over 30 tabs at a time in my Web browser and editing images in iPhoto and Aperture, Apples high-end photo editing software. 我打开的程序一般来说不及一名高级用户有可能运营的一半,但我在测试时也同时继续执行了iTunes音乐、引入数十张高分辨率照片、在浏览器中一次关上30多个标签、用iPhoto和苹果的高端照片编辑软件Aperture编辑图像等诸多任务,这台MacBook较慢地展开着处置工作。I also used it to record songs in Apples music program, GarageBand. It took less than seven seconds to open iPhoto and generate high-resolution thumbnail images for 183 12-megapixel images. In five seconds, it imported 42 of those images onto the computer. Using Aperture I edited a 43.6-megabyte, RAW (unprocessed) image with instant results. It started up in just a few seconds. 我还用苹果的音乐程序GarageBand在这台电脑上录音歌曲。


我用Aperture编辑一张43.6M大的RAW格式(予以处置的)照片,编辑结果可以动态显出,软件在几秒钟之内就启动工作了。In my standard battery test, which I performed twice for accuracy, I got just over four hours each time, though Apple claims up to seven hours. My test taxes the computer more than a normal user and involves keeping Wi-Fi on, cranking the screen to full brightness, turning off all power-saving features, keeping email retrieval going in the background and playing an endless loop of music. Four hours of juice with this test likely means that a person using it more regularly would get 5 or 5 1/2 hours of battery life. 我对电池展开了两遍标准测试,借此准确。


在这样的全方位测试下,四个小时的续航能力很有可能意味著一个长时间用于这台电脑的人可以取得五小时或者五个半小时的续航时间。When I used my own MacBook Pro after using the MacBook Pro with Retina Display, its screen appeared as if a thin, hazy film was floating on top of it. 在我用于过视网膜显示屏MacBook Pro笔记本之后再行去用我自己的MacBook Pro时,感觉屏幕上面样子飘着薄薄一层模糊不清视野的薄膜。Apple says the 2880-by-1800 resolution of the Retina Display has more than five million pixels, or over four times that of the previous MacBook Pro and over three million more than an HDTV. Apple claims this computers screen cuts down on reflective glare by 75%. While I did notice less glare when I compared it to other glossy screens, sunlight did affect it. 苹果公司称之为,这块分辨率为2880×1800的视网膜显示屏像素多达500万,也就是说它的像素是之前MacBook Pro笔记本的四倍多,比一台高清电视(HDTV)多300余万像素。

苹果公司声称这款电脑的屏幕可以减少75%的光线反射性。虽然我在拿它与其它的镜面屏幕不作对比时没注意到它的反射性否更加较少,但是阳光对它的影响的确不存在。Its no surprise that Apples newest product improves on its last. This move to a better screen, all-flash storage and the elimination of a physical slot for discs shifts the company ahead in its typical, pack-leading style. Power users will be thrilled by the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Average users will now consider the MacBook Air more seriously. 苹果的近期产品不会在上一代的基础上展开改进,这一点不足为奇。

这次升级电脑屏幕、使用仅有存储器存储方式、中止物理光驱的改良措施让公司行进了一步,之后维持它典型的引导潮流的风格。高级用户对视网膜显示屏MacBook Pro笔记本不会怦然心动,而普通用户现在也不会更为严肃地考虑一下MacBook Air了。