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pg电子,pg电子app下载官网_小米将不会参加球移动大会 旗舰小米6延期发布

本文摘要:Rumors of a successor to Xiaomis 2016 Mi 5 flagship smartphone have begun to heat up, but the company has cooled off any hype by announcing that it will skip Mobile World Congress this year.虽然关于2016年小米5旗舰版先前型号的传闻就越油炸就越冷,但小米公司早已宣告,将会参与今年的全球移动大会,造成热度锐减。

Rumors of a successor to Xiaomis 2016 Mi 5 flagship smartphone have begun to heat up, but the company has cooled off any hype by announcing that it will skip Mobile World Congress this year.虽然关于2016年小米5旗舰版先前型号的传闻就越油炸就越冷,但小米公司早已宣告,将会参与今年的全球移动大会,造成热度锐减。The Mi 6 was expected to launch at the show, just like the Chinese companys Mi 5 did at MWC 2016.外界原本希望小米6在今年的大会上亮相,就如同在2016年的大会上小米公司月发售了小米5。Still, theres no doubt a successor is on the way — just not as soon as many had hoped. Heres everything we know so far about the Mi 6.毫无疑问,小米将不会发售新的手机,只是不像外界预期的那样。

以下是我们迄今为止所理解的有关小米6的信息。The Mi 6 with a curved display is expected to be the premium flagship powered by Qualcomms Snapdragon 835 processor, but recent reports from GizmoChina indicate that the processor may be underclocked, meaning it just wont be as fast as it could be.小米6预计将配有曲面显示屏和高通公司的骁龙835处理器,然而近期GizmoChina的报告表明,处理器有可能展开降频处置,这意味著其运营速度约将近理应水平。Why is this happening? Well, its complicated. Samsung co-developed the Snapdragon 835 processor with Qualcomm, and as such gets first pick of the fully clocked supply. Instead of waiting for supply to pick up a little, some manufacturers may instead opt to go for underclocked chips that Samsung may not want to use.为何不会经常出现上述情况?其成因非常复杂。三星公司和高通共同开发骁龙835处理器,并沦为了第一家用于全频处理器的厂商。

一些不愿等候的制造商转而自由选择降频版作为替代品,而这些降频处理器毕竟三星公司所不愿用于的。This wouldnt be uncharacteristic for Xiaomi, which launched the Mi 5 with an underclocked Snapdragon 820 in an effort to get the handset out sooner.这种情况有数先例,此前小米公司为了更加慢发售小米5就曾用于降频版的骁龙820处理器。The flat Mi 6 is also expected to feature the same underclocked processor, but at a lower price, and the third Mi 6 variant will be flat but will house a MediaTek Helio X30 processor. The latter will be the cheapest option, if reports are accurate.普通版的小米6将配有某种程度的降频处理器,只是价格更加较低。

小米6的第三个版本某种程度是普通版,不过处理器则是MediaTek Helio X30。如果报告正确性,后者的售价将是低于的。The flagship Mi 6 will likely have 6GB of RAM, while the other models may be stuck with 4GB. The flagship may cost around $363 for 6GB of RAM.小米6旗舰版预计配有6GB大小的随机存储器,其他型号则仍为4GB。

享有6GB大小随机存储器的小米6的售价有可能超过363美元。Information about the specs of the Mi 6 is sparse and often from little-known sources. There are conflicting reports that suggest a 3,000mAh battery, for example, while others say to expect a 4,000mAh capacity.关于小米6性能参数的传闻来源较较少且消息源知名度较低。一些报告甚至自相矛盾,比如某些传闻称之为小米6的电池容量为3000毫安,其他传闻中则是4000毫安。If there are three models with various specs, it would certainly make sense as to why the information varies. All such information should be viewed with some skepticism until official announcements are made.如果小米6发售三个版本,每种型号的手机性能各异,传闻经常出现对立之处也是合理的。

在官方声明公布前,传闻的真实性仍不存在疑惑。Other specs that have been suggested are support for Qualcomms Quick Charge 4.0, as well as a fingerprint sensor on the front of the device.其他性能参数传闻还包括反对高通的快差使4.0以及手机前部的指纹传感器等。As mentioned, Xiaomi is skipping Mobile World Congress, which means the Mi 6 wont be revealed until a later date.前文中提及,小米6将缺席全球移动大会,所以这意味著小米6将不会在大会完结后公布。